A new Haydn experience by Juan Rezzuto

Classical concert in London


Dear all,

From Wedding Pianists UK inform you all about the suspension of this concert expected to be on 28.03.2020.

We strongly believe it is time to avoid crowds and stay home and safe, at least, until this virus is gone from Europe. That is the best way to get away from it and try to get this situation sorted. For us, for all and specially for our elderly ones.

We will let you know shortly about the next date for this concert. Hoping we all stay safe and healthy, in order to keep on enjoying beautiful concerts after all this madness!

Best regards

WP Team,


WKMT London piano studios have recently organised a new concert in London for the new year.

On 2020, March 28th, from 6.30 pm in St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court.

Wedding Pianists UK commits to present and recommend all the Haydn piano concertos that the Maestro Juan Rezzuto is committed to performing. Joseph Haydn wrote a total of eleven piano concertos. Some longer and some shorter, but all of them for piano and orchestra. So far, Maestro Rezzuto has managed to play five from the Hob XVIII: 2,4,6,10 and 11. This time, he comes back to the stage to perform the number 7. A short piece, beautifully written for piano and strings. In this case, Juan will write the cadenzas for his own performance at this concert.

As experienced in piano and pianists in England, as well as in music events in the UK, we really know how hard is nowadays to find a Haydn piano concerto on any programme. It became a very unique and special case

Well, for all those who think the same as us, here we have the convenient exemption. Juan Rezzuto will help you listen to all his piano concertos ever written by the Maestro Haydn.

So, getting back to the date, apart from the Haydn Nr 7, we will listen to the Violin concerto Nr 1 by W.A. Mozart, this time, played by the violinist Paola Delucchi. That way, WKMT organises two different concerts, piano and violin, for these wonderful musicians, and of course, for all of us who would happily join them.

Check all the details clicking on the link aforementioned and book your tickets soon. Do not miss this wonderful performance of Haydn and Mozart concertos in London this March 2020.

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