Our Wedding Pianists on London stage

How are all of you staying aware of this monstrous lockdown? Is it accurate to say that you are telecommuting, doing on the web exercises, or on the opposite you are keeping yourself occupied with concentrating piano?

During these troublesome occasions, it is acceptable to exploit and keep ourselves doing what we never have the opportunity to do: rehearsing appropriately.

We go through our days working, occupied with tasks, understudies and duties, and we battle to locate a legitimate bit of time to commit ourselves to what we love. We end up simply moving our fingers and practicing pieces we definitely know, or scarcely concentrating new pieces. In any case, we don’t have time enough on the day to appropriately experience new pieces, and practice new scores. Likewise, we discover hard to get time enough to meet different performers to discuss music, or straightforward practice or get ready music programs for shows together.

Gradually, we end up a long way from being appropriate performers. Life these days got more diligently, more contenders, more costs. That took us to take a shot at a progressively expanded interim of time every day, which implies less time for us and our energy: music and piano.

These occasions, in any event, being awful for the general public, wellbeing, occupations, and by and large the future this is going to leave us, we should be more grounded than at any other time, reformulate our methods for working, and furthermore observe the beneficial things this could present to all of us. For this situation, as artists, we have to discover this as an open door for us to build up our aptitudes, and set up that show we constantly needed to get ready and would never do as such.

Who knows, possibly once this circumstance sets everything straight, and we can return to typical, you can apply for any school or symphony and play that show.

Juan Rezzuto and our individuals realize it well, and they set their hands to work. They are currently setting up the popular Haydn piano concerto in F. A gem of old style music. Juan Rezzuto as soloist, joined by a portion of our individuals playing their subsequent instrument, either violin, cello and bass.

The show is relied upon to occur on the third of October 2020 in London, more subtleties here. In any case, given the circunstancies, we never know. Ideally, this will be arranged by at that point, and we would all be able to praise music and energy in this show, and with all of you.

Keep well, and particularly, continue rehearsing on the piano!


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