Sponsoring a wonderful piano concerto in London

J. Haydn piano and violin concerto in London

Do you like Haydn works? Have you ever heard any of his piano concertos? The father of classical music is one of the top composers of such style, and so it is easily observed within his music. Juan Rezzuto, our founder, is entirely committed to performing all Haydn piano concertos. Apart from his analysis work of the Haydn sonatas, he is now reaching another of his goals, which is performing the eleven piano concertos.

Last year, he performed Hob XVIII Nrs 2, 4, 10, 11. The latter was recently played, actually, in May 2019in Sintra, Portugal, in the wonderful Seteais Palace, accompanied by the Sintra Orchestra formed by musicians of the National Opera and Symphony orchestra of Portugal. Wedding Pianist team was proudly supporting such event, as part of the organisation.

We are just waiting for the video to be sent, and as soon as we receive it from the team, we will happily share it with you all in this article/post. So stay tuned to watch the magnificent room of Seteais Palace, hosting such piano concerto. A truly impressive experience indeed.

Well, after the success of Juan Rezzuto in Portugal, we are now co-organising a new Haydn piano concerto in London.

This time, Juan Rezzuto will be playing the Nr 6 in F Major with Paola Delucchi on the violin. Two wonderful musicians on stage, accompanied by WKMT Ensemble formed by seven strings.

The venue, St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London. An impressive XIX Century church, full of art, marble and wooden craft all around. They count on a powerful Yamaha CFX grand concert piano to fill the church with the beautiful music.

So no need for more words, you all are invited to such a beautiful concert on the 28th of September, once the Summer is over. So first of all, enjoy your Summer, and then book your tickets for this wonderful performance. You can use the link below mentioned for your tickets. We hope to see you all there.


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