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Are you looking for a truly reliable and professional pianist for your

Wedding in London or the UK? and WKMT Ltd. are the most reliable source of professional pianists for your wedding. Why?

Wedding pianist – Because we are not just an agency or a website database or musicians. We are passionate about piano music. Our pianists are sourced from WKMT studio, established in London since 2010.

Our wedding pianists are very well known professors and teachers.

You are organising a “Music Wedding” – as you must have typed it in Google- and you don’t have time to manage the musical entertainment.  Don’t stress, will do it for you.

London pianists can be difficult to manage.

Same day cancellations, bad performances, late arrivals and other uncomfortable situations are all possible when you hire an independent pianist for your wedding.  

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Can I choose the music for my wedding myself?

Your event reception needs to be organised so it looks and feels exactly as you wish. Our wedding pianists are natural entertainers and will be delighted to prepare any sort of repertoire you dreamt for your wedding.

AT YOUR RIGHT: Palacio Sans Souci – Buenos Aires. Where wedding pianist began

We know what you expect

we can anticipate your musical needs

Can give me advice on what can be played during my wedding?

The first and most important thing is to count with a professional pianist who can play musically.

The music played during your ceremonial day can be designed so it matches the style of your decoration or even a theme you’ve chosen to define the your event’s personality.

Our director, Maestro Juan Rezzuto, will be honoured to help you creating the most elegant music repertoire for your wedding. You just need to request his advice during your first consultation. Our director, will be delighted to share his 20 years of experience organizing fine international events with you.

Music Wedding UK

Can I use other instruments as well as the piano?

Absolutely. WKMT counts with violinists, cellists, guitarists, opera singers, pop singers, flautists and other orchestral performers. We can create a piano ensemble,  arrange a string quartet or organise any sort of classical acoustic chamber group.

How much my wedding pianist can cost me?

Our quote will depend on the length of your event, the location and the professional in charge. But a good estimate could be £300 inc. VAT for a very good pianist performing in London for 2 hours during your event.

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Call us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm or alternatively send us an email to [email protected] . Our team will be delighted to help you creating the most amazing music for your UK wedding.

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    • Our Wedding Pianists on London stage

      How are all of you staying aware of this monstrous lockdown? Is it accurate to say that you are telecommuting, doing on the web exercises, or on the opposite you are keeping yourself occupied with concentrating piano?

      During these troublesome occasions, it is acceptable to exploit and keep ourselves doing what we never have the opportunity to do: rehearsing appropriately.

      We go through our days working, occupied with tasks, understudies and duties, and we battle to locate a legitimate bit of time to commit ourselves to what we love. We end up simply moving our fingers and practicing pieces we definitely know, or scarcely concentrating new pieces. In any case, we don’t have time enough on the day to appropriately experience new pieces, and practice new scores. Likewise, we discover hard to get time enough to meet different performers to discuss music, or straightforward practice or get ready music programs for shows […]

    • A new Haydn experience by Juan Rezzuto

      Classical concert in London
      Dear all,
      From Wedding Pianists UK inform you all about the suspension of this concert expected to be on 28.03.2020.
      We strongly believe it is time to avoid crowds and stay home and safe, at least, until this virus is gone from Europe. That is the best way to get away from it and try to get this situation sorted. For us, for all and specially for our elderly ones.
      We will let you know shortly about the next date for this concert. Hoping we all stay safe and healthy, in order to keep on enjoying beautiful concerts after all this madness!
      Best regards
      WP Team,

      WKMT London piano studios have recently organised a new concert in London for the new year.

      On 2020, March 28th, from 6.30 pm in St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court.

      Wedding Pianists UK commits to present and recommend all the Haydn piano concertos that the Maestro Juan Rezzuto is […]

    • Sponsoring a wonderful piano concerto in London

      J. Haydn piano and violin concerto in London

      Do you like Haydn works? Have you ever heard any of his piano concertos? The father of classical music is one of the top composers of such style, and so it is easily observed within his music. Juan Rezzuto, our founder, is entirely committed to performing all Haydn piano concertos. Apart from his analysis work of the Haydn sonatas, he is now reaching another of his goals, which is performing the eleven piano concertos.

      Last year, he performed Hob XVIII Nrs 2, 4, 10, 11. The latter was recently played, actually, in May 2019in Sintra, Portugal, in the wonderful Seteais Palace, accompanied by the Sintra Orchestra formed by musicians of the National Opera and Symphony orchestra of Portugal. Wedding Pianist team was proudly supporting such event, as part of the organisation.

      We are just waiting for the video to be sent, and as soon as […]