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  • 25 Aug 2017

    Piano personal

    Piano Personal
    Piano Personal is the term we can use to define the tenor of the website recently launched by Juan Rezzuto, WKMT director. His main purpose with this website is to grant access to the public to his very personal opinions about performance, composing, producing, politics and education.

    Juan Rezzuto, patron of weddingpianistuk.com commits a lot […]

  • 23 Aug 2017

    WKMT Events by Wedding Pianists

    wedding pianists organising wkmt events.

    WKMT is getting ready for the new school year 17/18. As always, bringing out the best for its students and parents of these.

    New teachers from abroad, carrying on with its Scaramuzza technique and the bespoke piano programmes of its students, but most important for Wedding Pianists is that we will be […]

  • 31 Jul 2017

    Pianists team

    pianists team
    Pianists team – Our team at Weddingpianistuk.com is made up of pure blood musicians. Only the most committed and reliable professionals eligible to perform at our events. For us, it is a matter of making sure your event is taken care professionally. We know your wedding is one of the most important events […]