WKMT’s next concert 29.07.2017 / weddingpianistuk.com performers in action

weddingpianistuk.com performers in action

After many years of teaching and running what might be the largest London piano practice, now we are ready to go one step forward and start our very own and professional events consultancy.


The purpose of Weddingpianistuk.com is to channel all the creative resources of wkmt.co.uk and provide customers with a truly professional and reliable source of active performers.


We decided to focus on wedding music because in that way we can improve and consolidate a strong repertoire. We are all professional pianists and active performers, you can check our events calendar at WKMT/Music_events


Our next concert is organised for the 29.07.2017 at 7pm at St. CUthbert’s Philbeach Gardens, 50 Philbeach Gardens, SW5 7EB

If you are interested in seeing our performers in action, please get in touch by writing to [email protected] and requesting a complimentary ticket.

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