Astor Piazzolla in London by WKMT and Juan Rezzuto

Astor Piazzolla in London by WKMT and Juan Rezzuto

Astor Piazzolla concerts by WKMT

Organising an Astor Piazzolla concert is always a great pleasure. Not only because he is an Argentinian composer and both Gisela Paterno and me are Argentinians, but also because his music is just elevating. The 24.06 at 7 pm the Trio Espressivo played the most intimate collection pieces by Piazzolla accompanied by Tango Etnia by Maria Solero Iberti, all organised by WKMT London, supporters of


Gisela Paterno, our WKMT Kensington director, is also our in house composer. She creates pieces inspired by the same kind of folk music, the tango, Piazzolla re-invented – actually, he re-versioned it rather than re-invented it -. Her pieces have been performed several times along with Piazzolla’s during our music soirees.


Why playing Piazzolla?

National composers can be somehow inaccessible to audiences from other backgrounds; nevertheless, this doesn’t happen to Astor Piazzolla’s music. He crosses frontiers, the fact he framed Tango within the language of classical and romantic academic music, made it sound more familiar to everyone, more stylish and even more moving.


What makes Piazzolla so musically unique?

I have rarely heard someone saying Astor Piazzolla’s music is not enjoyable. His use of harmony -diatonic and tonal progressions-, his way of organizing his musical speech -strong and cadential wording inherited directly from Tango- and his magnificent skills to consolidate popular with academic makes his music irresistible.


Why is Piazzolla’s music so effective?

We can measure musical effectivity in many different ways, but one of the easiest is to analyse its melodic memorability. In other words, how much people can remember from a piece of music after having heard it at a concert. Piazzolla’s music is one of classical music’s easiest composer to understand and intellectually apprehend. His music unites the emotive content of tanga and enhances it with the subtlety and refinement of all the graces and tradition of 300 years of western classical music.


Our goal at WKMT

As artists, we  believe we should learn from this composer and his utopian way of writing. Sometimes old fashioned but, without any doubt, effective. Piazzolla’s music reminds us from Verdi, Leoncavallo, Puccini and many others who managed to touch the hearts of people, not with snobbism but with familiarity.

Astor Piazzolla achieves the oldest and quintessential musical challenge: he makes audience feel excited, elevated and, in all and every case, emotionally enticed…

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