Piano performance opportunity by WKMT

Piano performance opportunity by WKMT.

Piano performance opportunity by WKMT.



Wedding Pianists bring this usual superb opportunity that WKMT Piano studios offer to its members and musicians. We truly know many different piano studios in London, which we also provide with professional pianists, and we must say that there is no any other studio like WKMT in terms of what they offer in its piano lessons. And it is just because they tend to cover all the areas needed to become a pianist and professional musician. Such as the practical side during the piano lessons, listening side by organising classical concerts every month in London. And for the performing skills through its Music Festivals.

In this new post, we would like to make a special mention regarding the latter. The Music Festivals of WKMT. Such an inspiring event which is aimed to help and promote piano students throughout their performances in listed venues in London fully recorded and catered. They have the date for the new edition: 12th May 2018 at Pushkin House. The event, from 11 am to 6 pm, in which all WKMT students and non-members will have the opportunity to perform what they know on a powerful Steinway piano.


So if you are ready with any piano piece, does not matter your level of piano, go to WKMT Website, or the link aforementioned and find all the details about this great news. They will inform you on how to proceed with the assessment and book your next concert in London this 12th May at Pushkin House. A video of your performance will be given to you once they have all edited and ready to send out.

In case you are a professional, such as our wedding musicians, and need a piano recording of some great pieces for your portfolio, do not hesitate to contact WKMT and they will also help you with that.

We hope to meet you all there on the 12th May to enjoy Saturday in the best way with art, music and nice drinks and food.

Find below some videos from the previous Festival WKMT organised and also one of our musicians playing for the audience.

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